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  ■Consultation,plan,design,manufacture and installation laboratory acording to customer requirement
■Customized Laboratary Furniture
■Fume Hood,Enclosure & Ventilation Products
■Laboratory Air Flow Control System
■Clean Room Desing, manufacture and instal-lation
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 -Work Top:Ceramic / Epoxy / Laminate are available, Work Top material selection are among the most critical of the laboratory furniture decisions. The intended applications for your work tops dictate material choice. Surface could be exposed to reagents and caustic substances. Epoxy resin offer excellent chemical and hat resistance as well as superior durability for laboratory environment. We can recommand and furnish materials fabricated to your individual needs, complete with appropriate sinks, drains and accessories.
-Cabinets:Mobile wheel base Cabinet / Drawer / Cupboard cabinet It combined with the full extension slides, maximize usable storage space. The cabinet are integrally welded. Drawer are interchangeable. Interior are flush and coved at sides. Doors and drawer front are double wall with drawer bodies one piece coved. Heavy 3 knuckle steel institutional hinge and heavy duty door and drawer pulls are furnished full depth.
-Sink:Ceramic / Epoxy / PP are also available, Single or Double Tub Sink Eletrica
-Fitting:220 Volt,13A Fixture : Water outlet / Combination Faucet / Composite Resin Laboratory Pegboard

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